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California Research Bureau
The California Research Bureau (CRB) provides nonpartisan research services to the Governor and his staff, to both houses of the legislature, and to other state elected officials. These services include preparation of reports and memoranda on current policy issues, which might cover topics such as the history of the issue, experiences and proposals in other states, case studies and examples, data analysis, and development of legislative proposals.
Virtually all indicators (polls, studies, other research) show that volunteerism and public service are on the rise in America. Political and civic leaders across the country are calling for Americans to volunteer as one way of addressing the critical challenges resulting from the economic crisis.
Alex J. Norman
Alex J. Norman, DSW
Although public/private partnerships have a long history in this country (actually dating back to Colonial days relative to science and technology) the current financial crisis has thrown a spotlight on attempts by Government to enter into partnerships with various private sector organizations (i.e. banks, insurance companies, auto manufacturers, etc.) as a means of solving the problem. It is always assumed that the public/private partnership is the best mechanism for finding a solution because neither party alone has the resources or knowledge to solve the problem. In light of the fact that some executives continue to receive bonuses despite the fact that the business is failing and public outrage is high gives us reason to pause and to rethink the foundation of these proposed partnerships.