Protests & Celebrations

Around the globe people are taking to the streets to voice their concerns, to protest the condition of their lives, and to celebrate who they are. These candid photos capture scenes from the Piazza Navona in Rome, the old section of Nice, and historic South Broadway in Los Angeles where people regularly congregate and march to City Hall to protest, to occupy, to celebrate. Some wear traditional dress and carry flags and posters that express their hopes, dreams and expectations. Others colorfully exhort their political and social positions. All of them bring a sense of a shared belief - we are people, we are connected, we matter.


Why Study Green Health?

To commemorate Earth Day 2011, Solomon Leadership Foundation hosted a special screening of its video, "Why Study Green Health?," at Los Angeles City Hall.  Carried live on the City's public Channel 35, the video captured a forum of community leaders who examine the link between personal health and the environment.  As the country grapples with the implications of the convergence of health and sustainability, this forum provides an opportunity for civic leaders to consider the impacts of this growing social phenomenon on the Southern California community.  

A video recording of the “Why Study Green Health?” Leadership Forum is available with a donation to Solomon Leadership Foundation.  Go to DIALOGUES & FORUMS for a preview of "Why Study Green Health?", then click DONATE to order your full length DVD.

Essays & Studies

The California Research Bureau (CRB) provides nonpartisan research services to the Governor and his staff, to both houses of the legislature, and to other state elected officials. These services include preparation of reports and memoranda on current policy issues, which might cover topics such as the history of the issue, experiences and proposals in other states, case studies and examples, data analysis, and development of legislative proposals.